CRQ Survey

1.Do you discuss and plan your savings, finances for future together as a couple ?
2.Are you able to share your feelings, thoughts with your spouse related to anything that makes you happy, sad or worrisome ?
3.Do you hide details from your spouse when it comes to matters related to outings/expenses with friends so as to avoid any problems between you both ?
4.Are you protective about your spouse ?
5.Are you the first one to offer an apology to you your spouse in case of a misunderstanding ?
6.How often do you appreciate your spouse over anything that you liked about her/him ?
7.How many times in a week , you and your spouse Sit together or go out for minimum of 15 mins and discuss non- work related topics ?
8.How often you and your spouse pursue a common activity like Walking, Jogging, Going to Gym etc. ?
9.Do you yell at your spouse, if something does not go according to you ?
10.Do you support or appreciate each other’s Hobbies and Interests?
11.Does your spouse call up at least once in a day when he/she is out of station for some work assignment ?
12.Does your spouse value your suggestions or inputs regarding any decisions concerning both ?
13.How often does the Argument between you and your spouse over anything never result in any resolution and remain strained ?
14.Does the argument/discussion with spouse results in usage of abusive or foul language for each other ?
15.How often does your spouse take your opinion while shopping for himself ?
16.16. In a scenario where you have made a mistake. Do you
17.How often do you sacrifice your interests for the larger benefit of being together as couple ?
18.Do you and your Spouse talk it out with an intention to resolve in case of any misunderstanding arising due to some issue.
19.How is your relationship with your Spouse’s Parents and the larger family ?
20.If you wanted a Leisure outing for a day or two, would you tend to turn to your Friends rather than your partner ?