Coaching Service Models

Stuck in Midlife ?

Your life is too short to waste time to feel stuck and feeling confused and feel frustrated.

I am here to help you navigate your Midlife and help you Thrive.

Coaching Service Models

Stuck in Midlife ?

Your life is too short to waste time to feel stuck, feeling confused and frustrated.

I am here to help you navigate your Midlife and help you Thrive.

Progressive coaching brings out the best in people and helps them GET RESULTS

Let’s do a quick check, if Midlife Transition Coaching is for you……

Are you the one who:

👉 feel that you are stuck in your job or business and something stops you from moving forward, while you see your colleagues and others are able to achieve though they have less skills than you?

👉 feeling lonely and going thru Empty nest syndrome.

👉 Is afraid of running out of time to find more purpose and can no longer ignore your drive to grow

👉 stuck in your relationship with your partner and want to reignite the spark between you and your partner?

👉 did you ever realize that there is some of kind of block within you that prevents you from moving forward, you find yourself stuck and unable to take action to make your dreams come true. 

👉 want to take control and regret-proof your life?

Then you need to work on yourself, to create a difference in your life and emerge powerful and stronger to be able to achieve what you desire.


Ask yourself below key questions🤔

👍Are you willing to learn the tools, understand the process, and take action and transform your life? 

👍Are you willing to learn to value your personal self beyond your limiting beliefs to eliminate your insecurities to accept and honor yourself?

👍Are you willing to write a SUCCESS story for yourself and be an example and a role model for others?

If your answer to above is YES, then 

I can hold your hand and take you through an incredible journey of transformation that can Transform your life forever and help you DESIGN YOUR LIFE.


Every person is different whom I work with. Some prefer Individual 1-on-1 coaching model and others prefer to work in a group. Based on my experience, this is primarily due to their personal scenarios and situations on how they choose to move forward. Both have their own advantages.  

However, I do workshops to create awareness on people to see how they can design their Life. Some prefer to join for a workshop to know more about me before they choose to work with me. 

 Consider which option works best for your situation and budget. 

Read on to explore each of the ways I can serve you, or contact me to discuss what makes most sense for you.

ONE to One Coaching

This is for you if you are willing to work with me online at privacy of your home and comfort, to truly define new perspective and achieve what you truly desire in all aspects of your life.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching models for my below transformation coaching programs.

Midlife Thriver’s

Midlife Thriver’s


The Process

✓ The first step for me is to meet you for a 15-20 min SPEAK-UP Session for a brief introduction and know your needs. 

✓ Second Step is to have a CLARITY Session with you for 45 min for you to help you understand yourself better and help you know where you stand to help you decide what you should be focussing on.

 Then if you’re ready for me to help you master the art of designing your Midlife, we’ll get started one on one coaching:

Scheduled Duration

✓ 4 sessions per month

✓ 90 Min Session

✓ 3 months 

4 sessions per month

90 min sessions

3 months 

Group Coaching

I work in a group coaching format for my below programs

Midlife Thriver’s

Midlife Thriver’s

✓ I respect people’s privacy and give them a non-judging environment to explore their true self and help them achieve what they truly desire at the comfort of their home. 

✓ Open atmosphere allows them to share, though sharing is optional. 

✓ This is mostly recommended for people who consider themselves introvert, the group coaching creates magic for them as they get along with some amazing people who are also driven to make a difference for their life.

The Process

You can approach me for a Complimentary SPEAK UP’ Session or join my REDESIGN YOUR MIDLIFE workshop. 

Interested in learning how you can transform your midlife? More about one-on-one coaching with me?

Workshops and Webinars

I take workshops for Midlife Enthusiasts, Colleges Faculties  and Corporate Organizations to help them get Clarity about themself and Discover their WHY.

During the Workshop

You will get the tools, perspectives, and lessons on how to build the Clarity to reach your goals in life.

 You’ll also leave with a clear action plan on how to build a strong    foundation to have great a career, relationship, health and gain abundance in all aspects of life.

Workshop for Midlife Enthusiasts

“Redesign Your Midlife” Workshop Interactive and Activity Based
Duration: 2.5 hrs

Workshop for College Students

“EMERGE” Explore the Potential Within online/ In person Interactive and Activity Based


“Limits Redefined” - A Self-Exploratory Workshop for Corporate Employees.

Have belief in yourself to achieve what you want to. Always remember that there is something inside you that is way above any obstacles

Shailesh Kumar

My Programs

Midlife Thriver’s Blueprint

This is the Level 1 program. It’s a Blueprint where you understand the stepping stones and concepts to transform your Midlife and make it Empowering one in just 3 Days. It comes along with loads of Bonus sessions that sets up a strong foundation of empowering Midlife.

Duration: 3 DAY

Midlife Thriver's Mastery

This is the Level 2 program and is a Mastery level where you Start applying the concepts learnt in Midlife Thriver’s Blueprint, take action and set yourself to be a GO Getter and transform your Midlife in just 8 weeks.

Duration: 8 weeks 

Midlife Thriver’s Intensive

The program is 1-on-1 Only Consulting model where you want to accomplish your 2 primary goals in the next 6 months. I provide complete hand holding to help my clients to achieve their priority goals that can transform their life.

Duration: 5 Months (3 sessions per month)

Couples In Sync Roll Together

It is a Powerful Relationship Transformation program. A step by step system that takes you through an amazing journey of powerful methodologies and tools that will transform your relationship with your partner. . 

Duration:  weeks (10 sessions for 10 weeks)

What People Say !

Ratna Gosain
Ratna Gosain
HOD - Pathology
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Excellent journey to discover yourself and it has helped me in unleashing my power codes with great transformation in personal relationships and identifying the roots cause and progression towards the best. Shailesh is excellence coach, committed and consistence. I feel great to associated with him in this journey. Thank you once again
Anjali Ahuja
Anjali Ahuja
Director, HR
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“Shailesh has been a great friend for some time now. I have observed him turning into an incredible coach who is continuously creating an awesome impact on many lives. So proud of you my friend!”
Senthil Raj
Senthil Raj
Sr. Architect - IT
Read More
“Before I interacted with him, I was not sorted both personally and professionally. After a couple of sessions itself, I felt more in control and in a space of restful mind. It’s not often that we find people like Shailesh”.
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A coach is someone who builds you up-- I got in touch with Shailesh at a time when it felt I like was stagnating in life- I had a good career and a great personal life, but I needed to find a way to build a better life for myself, both professionally and personally. Throughout the 10 week journey, Shailesh has been an incredible support both as a coach and as a person.
Akhilesh Nair
Akhilesh Nair
Delivery Manager - IT
Read More
Shailesh is very positive person and a perfect guide in your journey to understand more about yourself. Working with him has been a transformative experience. I understood the go-getter attitude after talking to him. Today I approach my goals with a positive mindset without getting bogged down by challenges all thanks to Shailesh.

Book your appointment for Speak up session to understand which program suits you’re the best