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Life Transformation And Performance Coach

“The bond with your partner can strengthen only, if Relationship is a priority for you”

About Me

Hello, I’m Shailesh Kumar an IIT Engineer by profession and a Life Coach by passion.
I have impacted the lives of 200+ Couples in the last 6 months and I’m on a mission to transform the lives of 30,000+ Couples in the next 3 year.

I strongly believe : that people achieve success and encounter failure in various aspects of life primarily because of their beliefs, decisions and actions they take. People know what they want to achieve in life but find themselves stuck due to the blockages in mind that prevents them from moving ahead in achieving what they desire.

I alleviate couples : discover who they really are, help them recognize what has been holding them back and discover the most productive way to build the growth mindset in their relationship. The Relationship Transformation coaching system that includes powerful set of time tested tools and exercises that help people achieve breakthroughs in various steps of coaching period and their transformation. He envisions transforming the life of thousands of couples across the globe to enable them lead a successful, fulfilling and happy married life.

My Expertise

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

Personal Life Transformation Program

I take one-on-one and group coaching program for 10 weeks. In this period, I work with you once every week for 2 hrs using a time tested coaching system that helps you achieve powerful breakthrough and get results what you signed up for.

Workshops and Webinars

I conduct half day workshops and webinars for various corporates, Social forums and in Universities. This is to help people get sorted from within and inspire them to feel empowered in their own life and can manage all aspects of life efficiently.

Leadership Performance program for Corporates

I work with Executives and Leaders from Corporates and Entrepreneurs in a one-on-one and group coaching model for 10 weeks, working 2 hrs per week. This helps the individuals to identify their potential, flourish in their roles and in turn improves their Performance . This helps you create sustainable improvement and growth for your organization.

Relationship Transformation Program

I conduct Relationship Transformation coaching program for 8 weeks. I meet participants once a week for 2 hrs duration to help you achieve the results you have signed up for. The coaching system uses powerful set of exercises and tools to help you achieve breakthroughs and live a fulfilling and happy married life.

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Why Choose Me ?


It’s my passion to bring out the best in people with whom I work and help them identify success path to live the dream of their life.


My approach has always been focused on getting results for people . I promise to be honest with you and help you achieve breakthroughs.


My commitment is to get you the results you have reached me for. If it takes some additional effort and time to help you get results, I extend the sessions with no extra cost.

This is What my Client's Says About me !

“His candid approach and powerful tools has paved the way for me that I could introspect deep within that helped in defining a new vision of my relationship with my spouse. He is an amazing coach”.

Shubham Saran


A Journalist

The equation of relationship with my close ones has got a new dimension. I am in gratitude to Shailesh for being the guiding light.

P. Sitharthan


Associate Professor

Than You Dear Coach Shailesh for making a difference and for making me understand that, Life is waiting for You…Give it Your best Shot..!!!

Before I interacted with him, I was not sorted both personally and professionally.  After a couple of sessions itself, I felt more in control and in a space of restful mind.  It’s not often that we find people like Shailesh”

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